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Who We Are And What We Do

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About EONI About EONI
Roles and responsibilities Overview of the EONI
Organisational structure Overview of the EONI
Legislation relevant to EONI functions Legislation
Organisations with which EONI works in partnership Partner organisations
Senior staff and Management Board members Overview of the EONI
Contact details and office locations Contact us

What We Spend And How We Spend It

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Financial statements, budgets and variance reports Plans and reports
Capital programme The Electoral Office has a small capital budget each year to cover the purchase of furniture, office and IT equipment. There is no formal capital programme and no use of PFI
Spending reviews Available on request
Financial audit reports Available on request
Board members' salaries, expenses and allowances  Available on request
Pay and grading structures Pay and grading is analogous to the Northern Ireland Civil Service
Procurement procedures Available on request
Contracts currently available for public tender Available on request
Contracts awarded and their value Available on request
Financial statements for projects and events Available on request
Internal financial regulations Available on request

Our Priorities And How We Are Doing

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Business plans Plans and Reports
Annual report Plans and Reports
Internal and external performance reviews Plans and Reports
Reports to Parliament Plans and Reports
Service standards

Plans and Reports

Statistics Electorate Statistics
Election Statistics

How We Make Decisions

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Public consultations Consultations
Internal communications guidance Available on request

Our Policies and Procedures

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Policies and procedures Policies and Procedures
Customer Service Policies and Procedures
Records management and personal data policies Privacy notice
Charging Regime and policies The EONI does not normally charge members of the public for its services. The exception to this is the supply of electoral registers and updates. The fees for the supply of registers are set in legislation. Details of fees are available on the About the Electoral Register page

Lists and Registers

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The full, edited and marked Electoral Registers About the Electoral Register
Asset registers Available on request
Register of Gifts and Hospitality Available on request
Register of Interests Available on request

The Services We Offer

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Regulatory responsibilities Overview of the EONI
Services for public authorities About the Electoral Register
Services for other organisations Partner Organisations
Services for members of the public Overview of the EONI
Services for which we are entitled to recover a fee together with those fees About the Electoral Register
Advice and guidance Homepage
Media releases Press Releases