Make a complaint

How to make a complaint

We welcome complaints about any part of our service that you do not think was of an acceptable standard. You can do this by speaking to us in person, by phone, post, email or using an online complaint form (see below).

We will keep the information you give us during the complaints process confidential and will only make it available to members of staff who need it.

Complaints procedure

We have a simple two-stage complaints process.

Stage 1 (verbal complaint)

Tell the relevant staff member or their manager why you are not satisfied with the service you received. We hope that the matter can be resolved at this point.

Stage 2 (formal written complaint)

Should Stage 1 not resolve matters then a senior member of staff who has not been involved with your complaint will deal with it for you. To help us deal with all the issues we require you to fill in a complaint form (see below). You should:

  • give your name, address and contact details; and
  • explain clearly what your complaint is about, giving as much detail as possible including dates, the events which caused the problem and, if relevant, refer to any  staff involved.

Online complaint form

Complaint Form (PDF)

The form should be returned to:

Information Officer
Electoral Office for NI
3rd Floor
St Anne’s House
Belfast BT1 1ER


In general we will respond within 15 working days and we will respond using the same method of communication you have used.


If you believe that a mistake has been made in the way your complaint has been handled or additional facts have come to light, you have the right to ask for your complaint to be reviewed.

You should contact the Information Officer (details above) to request a complaint review form.